Do you work with my car insurance company?

Yes we are approved repairers for many large insurance companies and work with all UK car insurance companies.Sandown Coachworks is British Standards (BS10125) approved and certified which is recognised and required by most insurance companies. 


You are not on my insurance companies approved list, but i would like to choose Sandown Coachworks to carry out the repairs? 

Choosing your repairer Remember it is your vehicle and you can choose who repairs it. Many insurers have networks of their ‘’approved’’ repairers, they may try and convince you to have your car repaired where they choose remember this is for their convenience not yours. Don’t be unduly influenced by insurers suggestions of delays and extra costs if you don’t do what they say. You are entitled to consider the benefits of dealing with the repairer of your choice. Remember you are not obliged to have your car repaired at an insurance company nominated repairer, its your legal right to choose the best repairer to protect the safety and value of your vehicle. Always make sure any repair garage is at least certified to BS10125 British Standards to ensure your vehicle is repaired in accordance with manufacturer or Thatcham repair methods.


My insurance company are still telling me to use their cheaper repairer? 

Don’t be bullied! The association of British insurers, The Financial Services Authority and the Office of Fair Trading agree that the choice is yours. There are very few exceptions to this rule unless stated clearly in your policy (which is very unusual).


The car insurance company wants multiple estimates, is this right?

Only one insurance / manufacturer approved (Audatex) estimate is required. Sandown Coachworks will provide an approved Audatex estimate supported with images identifying the method of repair and the cost of labour, parts and materials. This is then emailed to you and networked via Audatex directly to the insurance company for approval. Only if the insurance engineer and repairer cannot agree the repair estimate should an additional estimate be requested. 


I have been involved in a non fault accident, does this have to go through my insurance? 

No Sandown Coachworks offer a FREE non fault accident management service where we claim directly off the party at fault. The befefits of this are: 

  • Hire car (of same standard as your own, including sports and prestige vehicles) while your vehicle is undriveable or whilst repairs are completed. 
  • Fully funded high quality repairs to your vehicle, completed to manufacturer and Thatcham standards.
  • No hassle, no need for you to make your own arrangements or pay bills (we pick up costs directly from third party) 
  • No need to claim on your insurance or pay your own excess
  • Expert advice and help available for all aspects of your claim, including personal injury if applicable and recovering additional losses due to the accident. 

My insurance company are advising me against using an accident management company? 

 Very common although strange as most insurance companies either own or have an interest in accident management companies. Please call us to discuss as some will push non manufacurer parts and repairs that really require new parts, we do not work with these, unless they are prepared to repair the vehicle correctly and safely. 


Am I liable for the VAT element of my repair / claim?  

If you are a VAT registered motorist / company you will need to pay the repairer the full value of the VAT due on the repair invoice. Insurance companies will not pay the VAT element if you are VAT registered. You will have to pay and claim back fully in your next VAT return. 

Why is my car a Total Loss?  

Your insurer (their engineer not Sandown Coachworks) may choose to write off your vehicle if the damage is excessive. This usually happens when the estimated repair cost is greater than 66% of the current market value of the car. If this happens the insurer will pay you an agreed amount and will offer to dispose of the damaged car. You will often have the chance to buy you car salvage back as part of the settlement, we would always advise discussing this with Sandown Coachworks before doing this. 


Insurance excesses and betterment?

Your policy excess is the amount that you must pay towards the repair invoice (as agreed when you took out the insurance policy). You will need to pay this when you collect your car, unless otherwise agreed and confirmed with your insurance company in writing and sent to Sandown Coachworks . You will be able to claim this from the third party if the accident was not your fault or if you use our accident management company we will claim this for you on your behalf. Please always ensure you have the funds available to cover your excess when booking in your vehicle, paying on completion of repairs is a contractual part of your insurance policy. If you are unable to pay they may cancel your policy or ask us to retain the vehicle and apply storage until the payment is made. 

BS10125 - 125/10776 (TW17) 

BS10125 - 125/10897 (GU15)

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